Pick a winner...

So the photo contest is over and a whopping 5 photo submissions later, your job has become pretty easy. Simply tweet me with the hashtag #cdixonvday and the photo of your choice. example: "@cdixonphotos #cdixonvday number 7." The people in the photograph with the most votes will get a group or solo mini session! Happy Voting.


VDAY Contest!

First contest of the year! Grab a loved one (or someone you kinda like, or just anyone available). Make sure there's a heart shape in the photo, point and shoot. Then tweet, @cdixonphotos or just email to info@cdixonphotos.com....

Simple. Whoever wins gets a free mini session equaling an incredible twitter/facebook/your favorite social network photo. and of course a twentyfive percent discount on any print order! You can submit as many photos as you like, with as many different people you can find. CREATIVITY will win, the winners will be chosen by my (and everyone elses) twitter following.

Love Someone.



Curren$y swings by sf2 for a meet & greet... Kills a show at House of Blues Houston, at 2 am the lights come on in an effort to have him end the performance. Spitta makes sure to keep the show rolling. At theDrink in College Station, Texas (home of Texas A&M University) he puts on another nice ass performance. Eventually it ends up 2 am again and this time the lights come on and the staff tries to get the mic from spitta, as they come on stage he jumps into the crowd to finish the show... Ah, and I posted the pic above to Spitta on twitter and he instantly made it his avatar, felt pretty cool about it.

Check out the pics & video.

Curren$y from Cory Dixon on Vimeo.