The 3 Marketeers...

A message from my new marketing consultant:

Hi. I am Matthew Nelson. I am Alejandro Fleming. I am Jonathan Goldsmith. All at once. Marketing is not about who you may actually be, but whom you portray from one moment to the next. Fortunately for the three of us and Cory Dixon, he is an outstanding photographer already so the work is half done.

Our Job: To make sure that you know that he is actually better at his craft than he thinks and to guarantee that the customer reaps the benefits of his art via everlasting memories caught on film.

So from us and CORYDIXONPHOTOGRAPHY, see yourself in forever...

The 3 Marketeers


better late than never?

I like to swamp myself with work, then when Im not so busy, look at what I shot when I was uber busy... A session from this past April, of the sister of Andrea, who I shot for her college graduation a while ago, good genes to say the least!

The Faves:

finally a kiddo!!!

I love photographing kids! Although I'm rarely afforded an opportunity to, but if I could, I'd do it everyday... Luckily, a recent couple session came with a surprise!