Im bored and blogging from Memorial City Mall at the APPLE Store, for those of u who know and love me, you know that I love APPLE products. I love them so much that I bought an Apple Laptop (macbook pro 17") and an Apple Desktop (20" iMac) within one month of each other...

More importantly Im hosting a party this weekend, tomorrow at CLUB NEXT (and when I say "I", well keep reading)... This will be the biggest and best party of this summer and probably of the year, unless we decide to do it again..
Its hosted by Me, KingDavid, Free, and FBA, four of the inDmix.com photographers. Shout out to jVince, wigg, collins and the rest of the camp. 

But make sure you come out, it should be a funky good time lol.. EARLY ARRIVAL RECOMMENDED..


Graduates... Social Status

So, I'm back at it.. Ive been doing a lot since my last time posting but all is well and finally have some peace of mind. Graduation is now 17 days away and Ive been recently bombarded with potential clients trying to fit in... I'm going to do as many I can next week and call it quits for August 9 Commencement.

These are a few images from sessions that I did with two soon to be Alums, both receiving Bachelors Degrees in Social Work and both former employees of mine... For those that didn't know I work for Prairie View A&M University in my spare time. The first is DeCrisha, who will also be commissioned into the NAVY on August 9th, and the second, Ward, a former football player for the Panthers (and SWAC defensive player of the week a few times) as well as my fraternity brother and a member of the Krimson 5 Affiliates...
I wish both of you great success and a huge Thank You for everything that you have done and will do...


Graduates...The First One...

So its almost that time again, as most of you know this is the Category 1 Version of "Hurricane Season." Summer graduation is C1, Fall is C3 and of course Spring is C5 (or more). This past spring I had the pleasure of shooting
42 Graduates. So needless to say I was sleep deprived, stressed and busy! Anyway, so far Ive done a few Summer Graduate Sessions and I'll probably be updating you more frequently with each person. This is Alicia, she will be receiving her Bachelors Degree, in Criminal Justice... August 9, 2008 @ 9 a.m!