I realized I hadnt updated this blog in a while, despite me having lots of sessions,events, whatever.. so nows the time. Ill be shooting a wedding this (superbowl) SUNDAY and the planner is the greatest. Tiffany Stepanski, shes referred me to couples who she is planning for (and vice versa) one of the wedding will be featured in The Knot magazine in a few months! So here are a few of the engagement shots from the future, THE KNOT feature. The location was the Butterfly Exhibit in the Houston Natural Science Museum, since it was mid December when we shot these, we didnt want to end up fighting with the weather. Luckily, it was a fairly warm day so we moved outside of the exhibit and finished up at Hermann Park. ENJOY!


SURPRISE...New Market....

I FINALLY got a handle on this marketing thing (for the time being). Ive changed my site and my cards to fit the direction that Im taking my business. All of the shots on my card have been previously showcased on my blog, so they should seem somewhat familiar. Ohh, and I have another surprise coming soon, again.


3's Company

Once again, busy bee... Ive been looking to see what I missed out on blogging and ran across something super obvious. I photographed a new married couple and their extremely active little man. He was running around, playing in leaves and even borrowed my cell phone lol. Here are a couple of my faves. Check back soon, I have a couple of surprises in store!


Happy New YEAR!!

I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving.. Its been really hectic and busy, then it got cold and rainy, then the holidays and blah.. But here's something to catch you guys up, some of my favorite shots from my graduate sessions in the past couple of months. I will be posting more frequently now that the holiday season is over and I can get back into the swing of things.. I may even post again today. Here are the images, and I wish everyone a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!