The 3 Marketeers...

A message from my new marketing consultant:

Hi. I am Matthew Nelson. I am Alejandro Fleming. I am Jonathan Goldsmith. All at once. Marketing is not about who you may actually be, but whom you portray from one moment to the next. Fortunately for the three of us and Cory Dixon, he is an outstanding photographer already so the work is half done.

Our Job: To make sure that you know that he is actually better at his craft than he thinks and to guarantee that the customer reaps the benefits of his art via everlasting memories caught on film.

So from us and CORYDIXONPHOTOGRAPHY, see yourself in forever...

The 3 Marketeers


better late than never?

I like to swamp myself with work, then when Im not so busy, look at what I shot when I was uber busy... A session from this past April, of the sister of Andrea, who I shot for her college graduation a while ago, good genes to say the least!

The Faves:

finally a kiddo!!!

I love photographing kids! Although I'm rarely afforded an opportunity to, but if I could, I'd do it everyday... Luckily, a recent couple session came with a surprise!


RNB... PhotoVid..

Denaron Babineaux - New R&B Artist asked me to shoot for an upcoming mixtape... I decided to shoot some video with my new 5D Mark II. It came out pretty cool, so cool that we will be shooting a music video this September.

Denaron... from Cory Dixon on Vimeo.



These feel great. Almost like I saw them in a dream, and capturing them was deja vu... Weird, i know. So... here's Franni, a recent graduate of Lamar University.


More senior stuff...

MyFaves from a recent senior session... This lady was nominated for best dressed by her peers and played tennis throughout her journey to graduation. Congrats Chuck... Enjoy the images!



A recent bridal session!! KingDavid and I were hired for a wedding so we teamed up for the bridal session. The bride needed a little posing assistance.


the first one. again.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful (now) Alumna of Rice University.

The faves...


Clark Wedding....

Ive been sooooo busy the last month so I'll be playing blog catch up for the next few weeks! Here are some faves from a recent wedding... Stay Tuned

The Clark Wedding from Cory Dixon on Vimeo.


Early Birds....

A few weeks ago I had an engagement session for a 2010 wedding, I always say "the earlier the better." The couple was great, happy and willing to try different things which is always a plus. I enjoyed the session so much that I even ordered my own huge print of my favorite image from their session. Here's a peek.

Stay Tuned...



heres a peek at my most recent wedding... ive been editing my life away film/stills and i forgot that david had edited this video (the sneak peek at the clark wedding was supposed to be uploaded 2 weeks ago), here goes. thanks David...

The Clark Wedding from Cory Dixon on Vimeo.


I love you tooo!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! For a limited time we will be giving 25% off session fees for a limited time! All sessions included!! There isnt a specific date of the promotion ending, more so a number we have come up with. After that number of discounts has been given the promo will come to a screeching halt!!!!

I still love you!
Stay Tuned!


Engagement Session... No, a real one...

I got a call from an old college friend of mine asking to do couple shots of him and his girlfriend. He was extremely excited and nervous about it, he planned on proposing to her during the session. So since I recently purchased this handy dandy 5D Mark II, I figured I'd shoot some videos and asked my friend David to shoot while I filmed, here goes... Video coming soon!



I realized I hadnt updated this blog in a while, despite me having lots of sessions,events, whatever.. so nows the time. Ill be shooting a wedding this (superbowl) SUNDAY and the planner is the greatest. Tiffany Stepanski, shes referred me to couples who she is planning for (and vice versa) one of the wedding will be featured in The Knot magazine in a few months! So here are a few of the engagement shots from the future, THE KNOT feature. The location was the Butterfly Exhibit in the Houston Natural Science Museum, since it was mid December when we shot these, we didnt want to end up fighting with the weather. Luckily, it was a fairly warm day so we moved outside of the exhibit and finished up at Hermann Park. ENJOY!