Men of the House...

Its been a rough few weeks, seeing that a lot of my clients this time of year are College Seniors preparing for Fall Graduation and planning for post-undergrad life, my schedule has been pretty booked. I find myself in love with Monday mornings (I only shoot on the weekends) and the ending of a busy weekend. This however, was a completely different session with a young married couple and their two boys, I had a great time with them and their images came out even greater, thanks a lot Mrs. B. for finally making the session happen!


In Love...

Here we go again, Cupid has been working overtime this year... Engagement sessions and Weddings are starting to fill my calendar for the coming wedding season already. These are from an engagement session done about a month ago. Im really beginning to produce the images that I see in my mind. Oh and if you the last engagement session , my status is still the same...Single, and looking lol...



Not long ago I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Audrey Woulard. Ive been excited about going since February, when I booked the last spot of the year. It was a great experience, Audrey's cool and extremely talented as well as a business genius. I learned lots of things, met GREAT people (Hey Meghan!), and of course got to spend sometime with 2 of my favorite women, (my grandmother and aunt) oh I forgot to mention the 'shop was in Chicago. I had a great time, here are my favorite images from the workshop, theyre REAL PEOPLE, not models lol... Enjoy!!! Oh and let me know if you like the new logo!!


State Fair Classic ... Unfortunately

The State Fair of Texas includes funnel cakes, the midway, the Texas star, BIG TEX and of course The Cotton Bowl. Annually, the Grambling Tigers and Prairie View Panthers make the trek to Dallas to play in the State Fair Classic. Although normally Grambling storms through the conference, this year, Prairie View was doing the storming while Grambling stumbled. For 22 Years Grambling handed the Panthers embarassing loss after embarassing loss, but not this year...or so we thought. Prairie View sported an undefeated record and the aura of a BCS Title Contender. With that said, the Panthers proved to be followers of the tradition (unfortunately). The Panthers struck first and lead early 9-0, but a Quarterback substitution and one Panther turnover (pick-six) proved to be all Grambling needed to change the scope of the game. Final Score: Grambling - 40. Prairie View - 16.

My favorite images from the game, sadly I didnt capture much action (on purpose).


Ike 2...

I just realized that I had more images from Ike... Since I was playing catch up from the "time off" during Ike, I kinda lost track of things. Anyway these are images post IKE. The first set is while I was driving back from Dallas, an Exxon in College Station... If you look at this post you can see how fast gas prices soared in just 3 days. The second is the scene at one of the few stores open for business in Northwest Houston. Make sure you look at the writing on the tshirt...


Fathers be good to your DAUGHTERS (and wife)...

Soon after IKE I had the opportunity to do a session with a co-worker and his family... a family of FIVE-1,2,3,4,5- WOMEN!!! Needless to say I have a brand new respect for him and I can understand why sometimes he needs a day or two away from the office. On top of that he is the University's (womens) Softball coach, so his life is filled to the rim with estrogen, lol. As most of you know I have my 2 little sisters and my mom (and Dad, but this post is about women) in Dallas and going home for a weekend always seems to remind me how much Im not ready for children (especially little women!). Overall the session was great, the girls seemed happy and willing to try different things as well as the parents. 

Here are my favorites from the session... I always say Im going to post my FAVORITE, but I can never pick just one.. 


Old Geezer...

Im old, officially... Not like, 45 mph on the highway old, or eat every Wednesday at Lubys old... but like too old to use the Student ID to get in the movies old, or old enough to not get carded when I order a "drink" old... Anyway, with age comes great privilege and carefree-ness (see). You know how Grandmas can say WHATEVER they want and no one ever say anything back, or how the oldest brother/sister is "in charge" when mom isnt around. With that said now I can wear mismatched socks, underwear with bleach stains, wrinkled shirts and blah blah... When youre old you can do whatever you want and pretty much no one can question you about it, Oh and Im still cooler than 10 out of 9 people. 

Ok seriously, Im the cool old guy. Im 27 years old with two elementary age sisters who are also my biggest fans and a great, supportive family that includes all my friends (even facebook friends, and some myspacers).  So to everyone THANKS FOR ALLLLL THE BIRTHDAY texts, calls, facebook wall posts, emails, e-cards, screams while walking by, visits smoke signals et al.... Extra special thanks to the KlubDixon Staff for throwing the anti energy party!

The image is of me when I was only 9months old...


Double Digits...

While everyone was raving about IKE (oh and for the record, it did alot more than I expected), I was preparing to go to my youngest sisters birthday party. I have two of them, Summer, who is 11 and Savannah, who was celebrating her 10th Birthday. She was extremely excited to become "Double Digits." There was a Dave & Busters type of gaming system, the kiddos played games for tickets they were able to cash in for prizes. There was some intense musical chairs going on and all kids love candy, so they were jacked up on WarHeads (super sweet then SOUR candy) and AirHeads, hot dogs, nachos and one of my moms favorite punch concoctions. There was even a magician who was good enough to make me wonder how he did some of his tricks. All in all, it was a funky good time and getaway, I was able to escape Ike like Tina did, and spend some time with the fam... The image is somewhat of a storyboard of the party. For ALL the photos CLICK HERE!

Discount on Sessions!

GREETINGS!! Some of you may know that on September 29th I will be celebrating TWO things. One will be the 2 Year Anniversary of CoryDixonPhotography and the other is my BIRTHDAY, which happens to be my favorite holiday of the year (other than Christmas, and my mothers birthday). First I'd like to thank you guys for being great friends, customers, critics and acquaintances and secondly offer a gift that you can gift, use for yourself, or both. Thanks to all of you I have found something that I love doing and plan on doing forever, thanks for the support, referrals and love, so here is my gift to you and whoever you choose to forward it to or just tell about it. Its a 25% off coupon for a Photo Session to be done this calendar year. If you have any questions about any information, please feel free to email or call.



As many of you know I have a "side-job" as a Learning Community Coordinator at PVAMU... Its pretty rewarding assisting students in their Freshman year of college and having them return throughout matriculation to reflect, ask for more advice or just to stop by and see how Im doing. Not to mention Im usually in a position to capture events given by the University and in particular, University College, the freshman housing complex. The first big event of the year is a Talent Show, here are a few images. The first is my favorite of the night, a group doing their rendention of "Just Friends" by MusiqSoulchild. The other is a mini collage, (clockwise) an "familiar scene" sonic "slushes" at on campus event. Intro a dance routine. Dejon Hill performs a self written and produced rap. A moment in the dance from shot #2.


Ike or Sike...

Hurricane IKE has taken over everyones mind... Evacuate, prepare, blah blah blah. I was leaving anyway because my little sister is having her 10th Birthday Party today. Back to IKE, since Thursday the "experts" told everyone in the Houston Area to leave, take cover, or prepare to be in water up to their eyeballs. I watched the weather via the 'net until about 4am. For most areas other than downtown, nothing but a cool summer shower and some winds that people in Chicago (the windy city) experience daily. Although Galveston was hit pretty hard, those same "experts" said there would be surges up to 25 feet, ummm actually 11 feet was the best, or worst. Good call by the people in Houston that decided to stay and have Evacuation Parties instead of wasting time and money running from the drizzle. Anyway the Birthday Party starts in about 2 hours and I plan on making some great things happen. Special thanks to KingdaviD for letting me borrow his 40D, I havent had my camera since September 2, it was being repaired and when I planned to pick it up yesterday before my drive to Dallas, (of course) the repair shop was closed.
Heres a couple of images from the beginning of my drive to Dallas from "Houston." Gotta admire us Texans and our fearless humor.



We win again. Prairie View dominates TSU despite their gaining one "star" player during the off-season. Pretty lopsided victory for the Panthers to begin what should be a storybook season and a final nail in that "Losing Streak Filled" coffin... Here's are a couple of random shots.. First is the kickers helmet, hence the practice net in the background. Then the Prairie View Marching Storm, lastly me displaying my first ever "official" field pass (usually I just wander down there and hope no one asks me where my pass is)...
FYI I didnt go to watch the game at all...


On The Spot... Andrea.

I know, I know.. I said it would be weekly and its been two or so weeks since I had an "On the Spot" post. Anyway its been crazy in my life since then and an especially
eventful weekend last week because of the party that I hosted. Anyway here's the 2nd Installment. This is Andrea, she will be receiving a Bachelors Degree in BIOLOGY, this saturday, and the interview....

Me: What was your first Prairie View memory?
Andrea: First pep rally for homecoming. The band and black foxes were great. The energy and school spirit was crazy.

M: First "I'm really in college" moment?
Andrea: When financial aid wouldn't release my funds!!! It took them a month to get my aid together.

M: What will you miss the most about college?
Andrea: The thing I'm gonna miss most bout college is sleeping all day then waking up just to go MSC or humpday. And the Late night runs to jack in box.

M: What do you thing you will be doing in about ten years?
Andrea: I hope to be working as physican assistant and living in Florida.


CLUB NEXT! inDmix Photographers...

Its been a week... The party was KRAZY, bananas if you will... Crowd surfing, champagne bottles energy drinks and of kourse more than anything, PHOTOS.. There were 5 or 6, maybe 7 photographers capturing the madness... Here are some of my images... for my full gallery goto http://www.cdixonphotos.com/NEXT.



Im bored and blogging from Memorial City Mall at the APPLE Store, for those of u who know and love me, you know that I love APPLE products. I love them so much that I bought an Apple Laptop (macbook pro 17") and an Apple Desktop (20" iMac) within one month of each other...

More importantly Im hosting a party this weekend, tomorrow at CLUB NEXT (and when I say "I", well keep reading)... This will be the biggest and best party of this summer and probably of the year, unless we decide to do it again..
Its hosted by Me, KingDavid, Free, and FBA, four of the inDmix.com photographers. Shout out to jVince, wigg, collins and the rest of the camp. 

But make sure you come out, it should be a funky good time lol.. EARLY ARRIVAL RECOMMENDED..


Graduates... Social Status

So, I'm back at it.. Ive been doing a lot since my last time posting but all is well and finally have some peace of mind. Graduation is now 17 days away and Ive been recently bombarded with potential clients trying to fit in... I'm going to do as many I can next week and call it quits for August 9 Commencement.

These are a few images from sessions that I did with two soon to be Alums, both receiving Bachelors Degrees in Social Work and both former employees of mine... For those that didn't know I work for Prairie View A&M University in my spare time. The first is DeCrisha, who will also be commissioned into the NAVY on August 9th, and the second, Ward, a former football player for the Panthers (and SWAC defensive player of the week a few times) as well as my fraternity brother and a member of the Krimson 5 Affiliates...
I wish both of you great success and a huge Thank You for everything that you have done and will do...


Graduates...The First One...

So its almost that time again, as most of you know this is the Category 1 Version of "Hurricane Season." Summer graduation is C1, Fall is C3 and of course Spring is C5 (or more). This past spring I had the pleasure of shooting
42 Graduates. So needless to say I was sleep deprived, stressed and busy! Anyway, so far Ive done a few Summer Graduate Sessions and I'll probably be updating you more frequently with each person. This is Alicia, she will be receiving her Bachelors Degree, in Criminal Justice... August 9, 2008 @ 9 a.m!


On The Spot... ALEX!

I figured I will start a weekly (or so) "On The Spot" post here showing off my favorite image of for the moment, and somewhat "interview" the subject..

So this is Alex, shes the first person I ever really shot and then I expected everyone to be a model. I told her about this and asked her to send me a little bio, keyword LITTLE... she sends

I grew up in front of the camera. My dad (Joe Baraban) is one of the best photographers ever who always had me helping him with his shoots and developing film in the dark room.On the side of modeling, I grew up with 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. Being the youngest is not as easy as people might think. People expect you to measure up to your siblings and when your different, like me, I get it the hardest. My parents split when i was in 4th grade and i think it was the best thing for them. I dont know where id be if they were together still. im more then just a model. I go to school. Im majoring in business entreprenuership with a minor in fashion. I also want to go to cosmetology school, and be a chef! Back to the arts. I sing, and yes I can Sing. I also have a thing for photography. So im pretty much everywhere. I have a bestfriend who is like my light skinned twin. literally. i have a great boyfriend and im done.


Birthday Boil....

This is becoming more and more fun to post on. I usually try not to, or dont look forward to taking photos in my normal life, because its ALL I do in my professional life but not this past weekend. My roommate for my entire collegiate experience and my best friend for life, Sedrick, is now married, with a wonderfully goofy wife Jasmine and super cool one year old son Josiah... Jas just had a birthday and decided to have a crawfish boil at their new house. Of course I was invited and my road dog, more affectionately known as "The Savage (Webbie)" was ready to savage another free meal and non-non-alchoholic beverages. Here's a few.



Remember, this wont be chronological. One of my first clients Tiffani, of Titan Management Group manages entertainers (recording artists, dancers, actors). She hired me to photograph a couple of her artists.The first is Cedric Ballard, a young gospel artist. He was really cool, laid back and easy to photograph... We decided to do his session in the Theater District, in the Alley Theater and Jones Plaza. Check out his myspace...

I photographed Jamila, an energitic and feisty pop artist with KingDavid and Tate, Im so glad we worked together. We did the session in a hotel that will remain nameless and a parking garage, lol.. The hotel stressed that they "NEVER" let photographs be taken in their hotel. Anyway we were pressed for time, so it was great that there were three of us shooting and moving equipment. So here's a quick look at what we did in our pressured situation...

Ohhh... and then we went to one of Houstons greatest dining experiences.. Notice the enormous amount of trash!



Well, its that time of year again... A time for LOVE. Spring/Summer is traditionally Wedding Season... Though I haven't done my first wedding this season yet, I have done engagement and bridal sessions. Although Im still very much single (and very much looking) I love to see people in love, and not be a bitter AND SINGLE old man lol..

Here are some images featuring a couple of Cupids' most recent victims, Travis and Courtney...