On The Spot... ALEX!

I figured I will start a weekly (or so) "On The Spot" post here showing off my favorite image of for the moment, and somewhat "interview" the subject..

So this is Alex, shes the first person I ever really shot and then I expected everyone to be a model. I told her about this and asked her to send me a little bio, keyword LITTLE... she sends

I grew up in front of the camera. My dad (Joe Baraban) is one of the best photographers ever who always had me helping him with his shoots and developing film in the dark room.On the side of modeling, I grew up with 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. Being the youngest is not as easy as people might think. People expect you to measure up to your siblings and when your different, like me, I get it the hardest. My parents split when i was in 4th grade and i think it was the best thing for them. I dont know where id be if they were together still. im more then just a model. I go to school. Im majoring in business entreprenuership with a minor in fashion. I also want to go to cosmetology school, and be a chef! Back to the arts. I sing, and yes I can Sing. I also have a thing for photography. So im pretty much everywhere. I have a bestfriend who is like my light skinned twin. literally. i have a great boyfriend and im done.


Birthday Boil....

This is becoming more and more fun to post on. I usually try not to, or dont look forward to taking photos in my normal life, because its ALL I do in my professional life but not this past weekend. My roommate for my entire collegiate experience and my best friend for life, Sedrick, is now married, with a wonderfully goofy wife Jasmine and super cool one year old son Josiah... Jas just had a birthday and decided to have a crawfish boil at their new house. Of course I was invited and my road dog, more affectionately known as "The Savage (Webbie)" was ready to savage another free meal and non-non-alchoholic beverages. Here's a few.



Remember, this wont be chronological. One of my first clients Tiffani, of Titan Management Group manages entertainers (recording artists, dancers, actors). She hired me to photograph a couple of her artists.The first is Cedric Ballard, a young gospel artist. He was really cool, laid back and easy to photograph... We decided to do his session in the Theater District, in the Alley Theater and Jones Plaza. Check out his myspace...

I photographed Jamila, an energitic and feisty pop artist with KingDavid and Tate, Im so glad we worked together. We did the session in a hotel that will remain nameless and a parking garage, lol.. The hotel stressed that they "NEVER" let photographs be taken in their hotel. Anyway we were pressed for time, so it was great that there were three of us shooting and moving equipment. So here's a quick look at what we did in our pressured situation...

Ohhh... and then we went to one of Houstons greatest dining experiences.. Notice the enormous amount of trash!



Well, its that time of year again... A time for LOVE. Spring/Summer is traditionally Wedding Season... Though I haven't done my first wedding this season yet, I have done engagement and bridal sessions. Although Im still very much single (and very much looking) I love to see people in love, and not be a bitter AND SINGLE old man lol..

Here are some images featuring a couple of Cupids' most recent victims, Travis and Courtney...

Welcome... News.


Ok, for those of you that have been visiting my site in hopes of seeing updates I apologize. It hasnt been updated since it was created. I am now shopping for a web developer and custom blog designer. More than likely my new site will not debut until January 09 and I feel like Im cheating myself and clients by not showing my growth. Im going to add images that Ive created, probably pretty frequently since I have old images that I love and because I think everytime I do a session Im getting better (fyi these images may not be in chronological order). So here goes nothing....or everything.