Im bored and blogging from Memorial City Mall at the APPLE Store, for those of u who know and love me, you know that I love APPLE products. I love them so much that I bought an Apple Laptop (macbook pro 17") and an Apple Desktop (20" iMac) within one month of each other...

More importantly Im hosting a party this weekend, tomorrow at CLUB NEXT (and when I say "I", well keep reading)... This will be the biggest and best party of this summer and probably of the year, unless we decide to do it again..
Its hosted by Me, KingDavid, Free, and FBA, four of the inDmix.com photographers. Shout out to jVince, wigg, collins and the rest of the camp. 

But make sure you come out, it should be a funky good time lol.. EARLY ARRIVAL RECOMMENDED..

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CathrynMarie said...

lol @ inside of the Mac store taking pics and such...too cute!