On The Spot... Andrea.

I know, I know.. I said it would be weekly and its been two or so weeks since I had an "On the Spot" post. Anyway its been crazy in my life since then and an especially
eventful weekend last week because of the party that I hosted. Anyway here's the 2nd Installment. This is Andrea, she will be receiving a Bachelors Degree in BIOLOGY, this saturday, and the interview....

Me: What was your first Prairie View memory?
Andrea: First pep rally for homecoming. The band and black foxes were great. The energy and school spirit was crazy.

M: First "I'm really in college" moment?
Andrea: When financial aid wouldn't release my funds!!! It took them a month to get my aid together.

M: What will you miss the most about college?
Andrea: The thing I'm gonna miss most bout college is sleeping all day then waking up just to go MSC or humpday. And the Late night runs to jack in box.

M: What do you thing you will be doing in about ten years?
Andrea: I hope to be working as physican assistant and living in Florida.

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MysTery said...

Good job sir!!
Keep it up!

God bless.