Fathers be good to your DAUGHTERS (and wife)...

Soon after IKE I had the opportunity to do a session with a co-worker and his family... a family of FIVE-1,2,3,4,5- WOMEN!!! Needless to say I have a brand new respect for him and I can understand why sometimes he needs a day or two away from the office. On top of that he is the University's (womens) Softball coach, so his life is filled to the rim with estrogen, lol. As most of you know I have my 2 little sisters and my mom (and Dad, but this post is about women) in Dallas and going home for a weekend always seems to remind me how much Im not ready for children (especially little women!). Overall the session was great, the girls seemed happy and willing to try different things as well as the parents. 

Here are my favorites from the session... I always say Im going to post my FAVORITE, but I can never pick just one.. 

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CathrynMarie said...

wait - you have a job? LOL jk! =)

LOVELY pics babe!! REALLy, I love em!!

-Signed, #1