Birthday Boil....

This is becoming more and more fun to post on. I usually try not to, or dont look forward to taking photos in my normal life, because its ALL I do in my professional life but not this past weekend. My roommate for my entire collegiate experience and my best friend for life, Sedrick, is now married, with a wonderfully goofy wife Jasmine and super cool one year old son Josiah... Jas just had a birthday and decided to have a crawfish boil at their new house. Of course I was invited and my road dog, more affectionately known as "The Savage (Webbie)" was ready to savage another free meal and non-non-alchoholic beverages. Here's a few.

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melissa the great said...

wow, that's good stuff. and you know what? I had always thought that crawfish were freakin' nasty... until I actually ate one. haha.

your friend's son is truly adorable!

and your photography is amazing!