Discount on Sessions!

GREETINGS!! Some of you may know that on September 29th I will be celebrating TWO things. One will be the 2 Year Anniversary of CoryDixonPhotography and the other is my BIRTHDAY, which happens to be my favorite holiday of the year (other than Christmas, and my mothers birthday). First I'd like to thank you guys for being great friends, customers, critics and acquaintances and secondly offer a gift that you can gift, use for yourself, or both. Thanks to all of you I have found something that I love doing and plan on doing forever, thanks for the support, referrals and love, so here is my gift to you and whoever you choose to forward it to or just tell about it. Its a 25% off coupon for a Photo Session to be done this calendar year. If you have any questions about any information, please feel free to email or call.

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