Ike or Sike...

Hurricane IKE has taken over everyones mind... Evacuate, prepare, blah blah blah. I was leaving anyway because my little sister is having her 10th Birthday Party today. Back to IKE, since Thursday the "experts" told everyone in the Houston Area to leave, take cover, or prepare to be in water up to their eyeballs. I watched the weather via the 'net until about 4am. For most areas other than downtown, nothing but a cool summer shower and some winds that people in Chicago (the windy city) experience daily. Although Galveston was hit pretty hard, those same "experts" said there would be surges up to 25 feet, ummm actually 11 feet was the best, or worst. Good call by the people in Houston that decided to stay and have Evacuation Parties instead of wasting time and money running from the drizzle. Anyway the Birthday Party starts in about 2 hours and I plan on making some great things happen. Special thanks to KingdaviD for letting me borrow his 40D, I havent had my camera since September 2, it was being repaired and when I planned to pick it up yesterday before my drive to Dallas, (of course) the repair shop was closed.
Heres a couple of images from the beginning of my drive to Dallas from "Houston." Gotta admire us Texans and our fearless humor.

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