#sxsw arrival

finally hit #sxsw... didnt do much but look for random shows. tried to see slum village, overcapacity. went to see ugk and kick it with @theniiceguys - @niceguysfree @easyyvessaint, while @2boknows is getting someone to open the side door for us, this guy walks up...@realwizkhalifa. dude's from pittsburgh and the only person i wanted to see perform all weekend. talk to him for a second about nothin then turn around and run intoTalib Kweli, so after that, im like lets just be random and kick it on the street or hit a bar. heres the rest.


paul from http://www.pollymackey.com
@adriacruel -- heres your update, and ironically youre in it...

more images here..

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Victoria Jackson said...

I love you photos, as an aspiring photographer I love to see others work makes me strive to do better