SxSW Day 2/3.

After a long nite of walking and talking to random people, bands and fans its day2 (well my day 2) of sxsw. All in all the 3 days we spent were cool, got to see some people that I listen to all the time and met some new better than good groups as well. WizKhalifa and Curren$y smashed their shows, then we saw @shinobininja by accident, ended up stayin after the show to meet n greet, and on our last day our boys THE NICE GUYS killllllled their show at firehouse lounge, which I kinda sorta in an obscure way performed at too thanks to @jackfreeman. These stick out. For ALL the photos CLICKHERE!

wiz khalifa @realwizkhalifa

TheNiceGuys and JackFreeman @theniiceguys & @_jackfreeman

Leaders Team (boutique in Chicago) @LDRS1354

Security for the night @eljefe_zb (story about this coming soon)

Curren$y @CurrenSy_Spitta

NiceKicks store @nicekicks

SHINOBI NINJA FIYAH!!! band from BKNY @shinobininja

#FIYAH clothes i DIDNT get to wear, smh.
 For ALL the photos CLICKHERE!

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